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Waleon company supplies complete water treatment solutions with clearly defined running and maintenance costs. After sales service includes preventive service checks and individual service agreements.
Service of water treatment installations in Slovakia is supplied from service centers in Bratislava and Košice.
We will kindly provide you any further information on our service helpline: +421 557 9999 88

▪  hundreds of installations in Slovak and Czech Republic

  team of experienced service technicians
▪  1000 m2 of warehouse and offices

 After the conclusion of service agreement, individual service conditions apply. The next business day service intervention may be guaranteed.

Waleon - úprava vody
technológie pre úpravu vody
Waleon Ltd.

Brestová 1

040 14 Košice

Service office:
Pálffyho 12
900 25 Chorvátsky Grob

helpline: +421 917 WAL EON
  +421 917 925 366

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