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about us

Introducing Waleon

We design, manufacture and deliver turnkey water treatment plants. Waleon is an innovative company with a strong and proven track record. Our reliable delivery model provides operational reliability and certainty of performance for all of our products, solutions and projects delivered for our clients. We focus on the following key applications:

steam boilers
water treatment for steam boilers and steam turbines
cooling systems
treatment of make-up and circulation water of open loop cooling systems
closed circulation loops
treatment of make-up and circulation water of closed loop cooling and heating systems
process water
water treatment for wide range of industrial applications
drinking water
complete solutions for drinking water plants
additional treatment of drinking water
disinfection of hot water systems and additional filtration and disinfection of drinking water
residential applications
well water treatment and drinking water filtration

How we work?

We approach our clients individually. We focus on application of proven water treatment knowladge and selection of reliable components for our products. Our water treatment solutions are as accurate as the data we work with. Therefore, we start from detailed analysis of the input data and the specification of the required output parameters. Our specialists have all the knowledge needed to design optimal water treatment solutions. With hundreds of successfully operating installations Waleon has the application and system experience to be your reliable partner in the water treatment industry.

input data analysis

technical quotation approval

drawings elaboration

WMS modular system production

and commissioning

post-warranty service

Why us?

experience and competence in water treatment
we have been successfully engaged in water treatment for 20 years

reliable delivery model
the WMS modular system ensures reliability and efficiency
proven products
standardized product portfolio
a wide portfolio of references
we have designed, manufactured and delivered hundreds of water treatment plants
after-sales service support
we provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service

WMS modular system

We do not assemble water treatment plants on the construction site, we integrate water treatment units into modules, which are manufactured off-site according to tailor-made workshop documentation. After the final product quality inspection is performed, the individual modules are delivered to the construction site. There are numerous design details learned from years of experience that we incorporate in our water treatment systems. We continuously improve the WMS modules with focus on comprehensive quality control system during design, production and commissioning.

WMS mudular sytem compared to on-site installation

Comparison - quality
On-site installation
Installation works take place in a stable working conditions and a clean environment in the workshop. The risk of damage to the delivered equipment resulting from other construction works is minimized. Installation works are underway on the construction site simultaneously with other trades. The installation works are influenced by increased dustiness and fluctuating ambient air temperature.
Production takes place on the basis of pre-approved workshop documentation. If the execution drawings are available, the installation works are performed in accordance with the available documentation. Possible collisions with other trades and other documentation inaccuracies are resolved "on the fly". If the proper execution documentation is not available, the installation works are performed based on the decisions made on the construction site.
Centrally planned and controlled manufacturing with a precisely defined procedure of quality control and testing before shipment from the workshop. Risk of incomplete quality control after the completion of installation works.

Comparison - delivery date
On-site installation
The production planning and progress is independent of the situation at the construction site.
The start of installation works is possible only after the construction site is accessible and the site preparation process is completely finished. The course of installation works is influenced by the conditions at the construction site and by the risk of collisions with other trades.
Production takes place in the workshop with excellent availability of the all necessary components and installation material. The availability of installation material depends on the of the construction site supply chain reliability.

Comparison - construction site safety and waste management
On-site installation
Improvement of work safety and health protection when working in the workshop stable environment. Work safety and health protection depends on the conditions on the construction site.
Centralized waste processing. Waste production at the installation site.
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