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Company profile
Our activities are concentrated on design, supply and installation of water treatment technology. We have competencies to support you in consultations and studies, design, installation and start-up of water treatment plants.

Process water treatment
heating water
   treatment of make-up and circulation water of closed loop heating systems
steam boiler water
   water treatment for steam boilers and steam turbines
cooling water
   treatment of make-up and circulation water of open loop and closed loop cooling systems
industrial water
   water treatment for wide range of production processes

Drinking water treatment
surface and well water treatment
   complete solutions for drinkig water plants
additional drinking water treatment
   disinfection of hot water systems and additional filtration of drinking water
   well water treatment and additional drinking water treatment

headquarters and warehouse - Slovak republic

Design and production
When developing new devices we focus on modern technologies with an environmentally considerate approach. We design our devices according to the reliable technological procedures of water treatment with minimal consuption of operational chemicals. The core products from our manufacturing portfolio are as followed:
▪ pressure filters

▪ water treatment units with pressurization systems for closed heating and cooling systems
▪ ultrafiltration and nanofiltration units

production - Slovak republic

International cooperation
We design and deliver RO and EDI units in cooperation with our partner company in Germany. Performance and efficiency of every single manufactured unit are thoroughly tested before being shipped from the German factory.

leadership in manufacturing and development of RO and EDI units on the German market
more than 10 000 produced units
30 years of experience in RO manufacturing

production of RO and EDI units - Germany
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